RSS Feed

Share music news, sports updates or podcasts to your subscribers seamlessly via the RSS feed within your App. This feature allows your subscribers to share your articles and content with their extended network.

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RSS is a simple mechanism that allows people to be kept up to date as to what changes are being made to a website. RSS is used primarily to track pages that are updated frequently, like news websites or blogs. RSS formats include a title, an image, an introduction and a date, so that it can be read by an RSS-Reader. The RSS Feed feature turns your App into a RSS-Reader.

Does my website/webpage have an RSS feed?

This depends on the website. Many websites and content management systems do offer the option of making an RSS feed available for certain pages. Most WordPress based website have an RSS feed at /?feed=rss

Upon purchase of a DIY AppDesigner subscription, you will need to fill in an Activation Form prior to your App being published to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. The Activation form will ask for the RSS feed URL that you would like added to your app.

Once the information has been provided , you will not be able to make changes to this feature once it has been published (content will not be available in the Content Management System).