Image Gallery

This feature allows you to upload and manage photos within your App via your CMS. You can also add and edit the description to each photo and give subscribers the ability to share your photo. This feature is a great option for showcasing your talent, services or products.

https://diyappdesigner.com/wp-content/uploads/ImageGallery_1_v2.jpg https://diyappdesigner.com/wp-content/uploads/ImageGallery_2_v2.jpg https://diyappdesigner.com/wp-content/uploads/ImageGallery_3_v2.jpg

The Image Gallery allows subscribers the ability to view a list of photos you have uploaded via the CMS. This feature includes a “More” button that will show a pop-up message with the description you provide. The feature also includes a “Share” button, allowing subscribers to share your photos.

You can edit and manage content in the Image Gallery feature at anytime using the Content Management System or “CMS”.

Follow the steps below to update the feature in the Content Management System.

  1. Login into your App’s Content Management System (the login details are provided to you once you have purchased a DIY AppDesigner subscription).
  2. Select the Image Gallery Feature in the Manage section of the CMS.
  3. Click the “Add” button found at the top of the matrix.
  4. Upload your photo and provide a description and category (the category allows for easier searching for your subscribers).
  5. Click “Save” found at the top of the matrix.

To edit a photo, click on the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the attraction in the matrix view. Click the trash can icon to delete a photo.

Once your App is published, clicking “Update” found on the right side of the CMS‘s navigation bar will make all changes “live” for your subscribers to see.

Managing and editing content in the CMS.